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Less red tape, more green lights. Where traditional lenders may limit refinancing and take months to close, we offer short-term lending with committed, discretionary capital—and with Urban Standard’s own private equity fund, we can execute deals quickly. Partnering with us can help you can seize opportunity and close within days, not weeks.

We’re experts at finding diamonds in the rough: properties in both established and transitioning neighborhoods that show potential for repositioning. Post-acquisition, our team polishes the property until it shines like new, creating value for tenants and boosting returns for investors.

From the ground up, Urban Standard Capital develops for-sale condominiums that revive underutilized properties. We look ahead to capitalize on trends, optimize utility, and maximize appeal. The result is desirable properties that attract tenants—and generate income for years to come.

Investment criteria

What’s your vision for tomorrow’s real estate landscape? At Urban Standard Capital, we’re all about developing creative, dynamic properties in middle market residential and mixed-use real estate—and we’re actively seeking developers and investors who share our outlook.

Our Fund enables us to move at light-speed on time-constrained opportunities. It also provides all partners with solid resources to address any development situation with complex underlying dynamics. Together, we’re building a shining future for the New York City metropolitan area.

Asset class

Mixed-use, multifamily, development sites & commercial

$ Amount

$2,000,000 - $20,000,000


Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx & Long Island

Closing Period

30 days or less once title clears

Asset class

Single Family, Multifamily, Mixed-Use, Retail, Office, Land, Condominium & Industrial

$ Amount

$ 2,000,000 to $300,000,000


Core Plus Debt, Value Add Debt, Mezzanine, Preferred Equity




6 - 36 Months

Closing Period

2 Weeks