Urban Standard Capital helps you jumpstart your investment property purchase with acquisition loan financing

What is an acquisition loan?

Every real estate investor needs to start somewhere. Often times up & coming developers don’t have access to the same commercial financing options as seasoned pros. In other cases, developers will have access to a special situation that requires a quicker close than institutional lenders can offer. Banks generally require a large equity contribution to provide a loan and take up to 3 months to close.

Urban Standard is here to provide the acquisition loan you need to purchase your investment property and guide you through creating as much value as possible.

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Why investors use Urban Standard Capital for acquisition loans?

  • Quick Closing Speed – In the fast-moving world of commercial real estate investing, you will miss opportunities if you can’t move quickly. Whereas banks can take several months to close your loan, we can close you acquisition loan in as quickly as two weeks.
  • Higher Proceeds – Among our peers, we are known to provide borrowers with highest proceeds not only compared to banks, but also compared to our peers in the private lending space.
  • We Have Developer Experience – Urban Standard Capital are not just lenders, we also manage & develop properties throughout New York City. We draw from our experience as developers to help analyze your investment idea and recommend best path forward.
  • Transparency & Certainty – Whether you want to get senior or construction loansfor the development of your property, we make sure our clients know what is going on every step of the way. Investing can be stressful, we want to make sure our borrowers trust us and experience a smooth process from idea to close.
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How do you get an acquisition loan?


If you are considering take an acquisition loan with Urban Standard Capital, here is what you will need:

  • Fill out the following form and describe your target property if you are in the early stages.
  • If you already have a deal negotiated, please send your term sheet along with the property address to ben@uscnyc.com
  • Please also include details on your background and plans for the property.  

We look forward to closing your acquisition loan and helping you achieve your realestate investment goals.

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