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Dear Fellow New Yorkers,

We can all agree that now is a crucial time for our city. We’ve faced adversity before and each time, we’ve overcome it. New Yorkers from all backgrounds are united to see the vibrant community they call home thrive once again.

In 2021, New Yorkers have a historic opportunity to vote to choose new Borough Presidents, a majority of the members of City Council, and most important a new Mayor of New York City. Most New Yorkers do not realize that the election almost certain to choose the next Mayor is not the November 2021 General Election, but the June 2021 Democratic primary.

Why? Almost 70% of NYC voters are registered Democrats, meaning that whoever wins the Democratic primary will almost certainly become the city’s next mayor. Only registered Democrats are allowed to vote in the Democratic primary.

If you are registered as an Independent, Republican or with another political party, you are allowed to update your registration to enroll as a Democrat so that you can vote in this critical election, but you MUST do so before February 14, 2021.

I hope you consider updating your registration and taking the pledge with Urban Standard to choose NYC’s next Mayor and leadership.

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Urban Standard Capital lead a real estate industry initiative to help the communities impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. We are connected real estate firms across the city to purchase and deliver meals to those in need while supporting local restaurant businesses and keeping people employed.

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