Developers & Lenders: Our modern approach to real estate investing

Our story

Urban Standard is a real estate investment company with three lines of business: ground-up development, renovation of existing properties & short term financing solutions. The three verticals do not exist in a vacuum, but rather speak to each other amplifying our knowledge of each. Our experience investing on the equity side helps us make informed lending decisions as we can easily put ourselves in the shoes of our borrowers.

We are one of the few investors in our space with quickly deployable, committed capital allowing us to seize on opportunities beyond the reach of our competitors.

The foundations of our strategy are predictive asset identification, thorough underwriting and quick execution. We are immersed in the real estate landscape—not just professionally, but also personally. Our founder and senior investment professionals are native New Yorkers with an understanding of its minute complexities and neighborhood trends. Whether as the developer or lender, we have a passion for transforming properties into desirable real estate assets for tenants and investors alike.

As investors and developers, we’re responsible risk-takers, with exacting attention to detail.  We are decisive, forward thinkers determined to turn new opportunities into new successes.

"Urban Standard Capital provided a seamless transaction and a very quick closing turnaround. They understand development well which is why they make for a great lending partner."

- Shlomi Avdoo, Avdoo & Partners Development

"Working with Urban Standard Capital to finance Harpia's acquisition of 311 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn proved to be critical to the success of our transaction.  The asset was part of a complex multilateral transaction with four major counterparties, several rescheduled closing dates and all the other challenges presented by the Covid-19 Pandemic.  USC brought to the table all the professionalism, patience, sophistication, creativity, and integrity that our impact investing approach requires.  We look forward to a long productive relationship with USC."

- Omar Slowe, Harpia Asset Management

"We’ve had the pleasure of representing Urban Standard Capital on several exciting and multi-faceted projects. They consistently demonstrate a strong and effective commitment to developing exceptional projects in New York City."

Christine A. Coletta, Esq., Hirschen Singer & Epstein LLP

Working with Urban Standard Capital has been a wonderful collaboration where ideas and thoughts coupled with data, market trends and experience become realities through intelligent decision making. It's a joy to work with hard working, smart developers who understand architecture, construction, value and the market.

– Mark Jovanovic and Scott Hustis, Compass

"Ben and Seth are astute lenders who are very in tune with the market. They consistently add value to each transaction we work on together and consistently deliver excellent results to our clients."

– Eli Terry, JBA Equities

Our values


Creativity is our X factor. Using a modern, dynamic approach to design, USC properties deliver beauty and value to evolving neighborhoods. We are driven by a desire to contribute to NYC's rich architectural history.

And our creative approach extends to flexible deal structuring on the lending side. Whether senior, mezzanine or preferred equity, we are willing to think outside the box to push your project across the finish line.


Our ability to underwrite and deliver terms sheets within 48 hours helps our partners seize on opportunity when the time is ripe. As principals with decisive authority, we can move swiftly, without barriers or bureaucracy. In numerous cases, we have closed deals within a week.


Whether selling your property or funding your loan, we want our collaborators to know exactly what to expect. Trust is fundamental to the success of our transactions. We use our careful vetting process to identify potential issues early. An open dialogue hurdles early in the process helps avoid any last minute delays to closing.

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