Urban Standard Capital helps you jumpstart your investment property purchase with acquisition loan financing

Are you a developer or another commercial property owner who is planning a new project while counting on cash that you are supposed to receive from the purchaser of your existing property? Probably you have the intention to use these funds for a new acquisition. However, it is true that closing dates of selling and buying properties hardly ever align with each other. When this happens, you might find yourself exasperatingly stuck in a shaky act of financial balancing. That is where the well-reputed bridge loan lenders like Urban Standard Capital can help.

What is a short term bridge loan?

Bridge lending offered by us is essentially the short term financing that you can utilize in the transactions related to real estate. These funds can aid you in financing your purchase of new property when you are either yet to sell your first property, or you have already sold it but waiting for the payment of this sale. As you can also grasp that the symbolic use of “bridge” in the private bridge loan signifies that it assists in filling up the time-gap that you may encounter in the transactions of selling and buying your commercial or residential property.

Generally, the cash that you are allowed to borrow through a commercial bridge loan is around eighty percent of both properties’ combined value (the properties you intend to buy and sell). However, Urban Standard Capital can tailor an outstanding deal for you according to your unique fiscal needs. 

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How can you capitalize on our short term loans?


An incredible thing about these loans offered by us is that they can help you out in multiple ways. Some of the most noteworthy uses of short term loans in New York are listed below:

  • Purchasing Opportunity – Whether you are a business enterprise or an individual, you can stumble upon a newly available terrific property before any of your competitors get their hands on it. In such scenarios, you can get the most out of our short term lending in order to fulfill the requirements of a down payment as well as monthly payments of your recently bought property till you are in the position to arrange some sort of long term loans.
  • Rehabilitation – You might already have a property. But it may not be in perfect shape and require extensive renovation so that it can be utilized in a more effective manner. You no longer have to worry if you are also having this kind of difficulty. We are short term loan lenders, and our specialists will be more than happy to assist you in this situation so that you can carry out your property’s remodeling without facing any financial trouble.
  • Credit Score – Are you running a business and your credit score isn’t exceptional? For that reason, you may have difficulties in getting long term financing for real estate. Thankfully, our short term lenders might be able to resolve this issue. By promptly repaying bridge loans to us at Urban Standard Capital, you can improve your business’s credit score and consequently make yourself eligible to secure long term funds.
  • Transparency & Certainty – Whether you want to get senior or construction loansfor the development of your property, we make sure our clients know what is going on every step of the way. Investing can be stressful, we want to make sure our borrowers trust us and experience a smooth process from idea to close.

Benefits of Getting Bridge Loan from Private Lenders in New YorkThe following are some of the salient pros that you can enjoy by maximizing on bridge loan investment.

  • Swifter Financing – Our team is well aware of this fact that bridge loans are often needed in those circumstances when you need cash immediately. That is why the process we have developed to borrow these funds is absolutely smooth and fully transparent.
  • Less Hassle – The key objective of Urban Standard Capital behind lending bridge loan to you is to provide the maximum facilitation. You can make use of these funds to purchase a new property even before selling the existing one. It does mean that bridge loans offered by us give you purchasing flexibility.
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How do you get an bridge loan?


If you are considering take an bridge loan with Urban Standard Capital, here is what you will need:

  • Fill out the following form and describe your target property if you are in the early stages.
  • Please also include details on your background and plans for the property.  

We look forward to closing your acquisition loan and helping you achieve your realestate investment goals.

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